: Gauge Industrial and Environmental

Gauge Industrial and Environmental

Environmental Monitoring – Automated and Manual

We have been providing monitoring solutions in challenging environments for decades.  We trial provide services in automated and manual sampling of water, dust, odour, soil and weather. We can advise and assist in sampling methodology, equipment selection, equipment installation and ongoing maintenance. We install and maintain the following monitoring stations:

• Surface water quality, level and flow.
• Groundwater quality and level.
• Meteorology – rainfall, weather, climate.
• Dust – High Volume, Continuous and Depositional.
• Noise – Sound and Vibration.

Gauge Industrial and Environmental also assist clients during community consultation regarding environmental issues and the best method to provide reliable and creditable monitoring data.

Investigations and Reporting

Our rapid response team provide leadership to respond to and report on environmental incidents and compliance matters. We provide specialist advice and investigations on environmental harm as per the Environmental Protection Act in relation to ground and surface water, spills, contaminant release, bacterial / algal management issues, potable, recycled and mine affected water.

We provide customers peace of mind relating to hazard identification, stakeholder consultation and deliver solutions and continuous improvement.

Water Management and Treatment Selection

Gauge Industrial and Environmental provide on-site evaluation of raw and industrial water systems and treatment chemistries to maximise water value, meet discharge compliance limits and maintaincost effectiveness. We seek efficiencies in matching water quality to the intended use, and discharge limits.

Groundwater Assessment and Investigation

Gauge Industrial and Environmental specialise in understanding and managing chemical processes related to groundwater and potential environmental harm. We provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of the chemical processes that occur as a results of contaminant movement in industrial and environmental settings and how best to manage this.

Surface Water Assessment and Investigation

We provide a complete monitoring and investigation service for fresh and marine environments. We respond to issues related to water quality and investigate pollutants and provide a holistic solution to fix water quality issues.

Dust Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting

Our scientists provide dust monitoring services to identify and manage dust in the natural environment or work place. We provide support services to monitor nuisance and finer particulate matter in the environment through dust deposition, real-time (e.g. TEOM, BAM, etc.) and batch sampling (e.g. high volume air samplers).

Our Data Science team identify significant movements in environmental dust and provide easy to understand risk assessment tools and solutions to mitigate dust in the environment.

Noise and Vibration Monitoring and Mapping

Gauge Industrial and Environmental monitor noise and vibration and provide easy to understand reports and advice to assist in the implementation of mitigation actions.

Flora and Fauna Surveys

Gauge ecologists provide practical services to survey, analyse and manage species of concern required for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) for new and expanding projects. We conduct onsite threatened species and biodiversity assessments and community biodiversity surveys.

We provide specific management plans, standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and ecological management plans that are required under instruments such as the Queensland Regional Planning Interest Act. We identify measurable indicators of coexistence criteria under this Act and provide recommendations and training in their management.

Wildlife Spotter-Catcher and Nuisance Fauna Removal

Our trained ecologists are registered professionals in the capture and relocation of fauna, including reptiles. We conduct pre and post clearance flora and fauna surveys to identify species of concern and provide advice and assistance in the protection of flora and fauna.

We also provide the humane relocation of nuisance fauna, such as snakes, from the workplace for release to an appropriate location.

Development and Auditing of Sampling and Monitoring Plans

Our scientists develop and implement environmental monitoring programs and internal methodology for our clients, compliant with current legislation and applicable standards.

We provide an external audit of a client’s environmental sampling program (internal or contracted) for compliance with legislation and applicable standards. This involves a review of procedures, quality control, sampling technique and correct instrument calibration and use.

Aquatic Assessments (macroinvertebrates, fish, algae)

Our aquatic team conduct fresh water aquatic surveys using AUSRIVAS methodology for macroinvertebrates, fish and algae. Surveys are supported by informative, interpretative reports designed to meet compliance and governance requirements.

Ecotoxicity Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Our chemists  provide expert advice and facilitation of ecotoxicity evaluations of chemicals, process water and industrial effluent to determine the expected impacts on the local environment.

Technical Expert Advocacy and Support

Gauge Industrial and Environmental deliver expert scientific advice and assists customers to respond to complaints regarding dust, noise, water, noise, ecological impacts and odour. We provide analysis and solutions to the problems and assist customers to liaise with complainants where appropriate.

We also assist clients to maintain legal compliance and negotiate with administrative authorities by providing compliance reports, monitoring plans, TEP negotiation briefs and technical advice regarding Environmental Authorities, trigger limits and licences.