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Dust Deposition Gauges

The ongoing problems with primitive depositional dust gauges inspired Gauge Industrial and Environmental to rethink the way we monitor dust. Traditional gauges encounter issues regarding;

•  bird related contamination
•  sampler handling hazards
•  sampling funnel levelling
•  professional unobtrusive appearance
•  compliant height of sampling funnel

These issues have all been addressed with the Gauge DepDust Gauge as well as providing a more cost effective solution for dust deposition monitoring.

The DepDust Gauge includes these unique features to provide accurate, non-contaminated and compliant results.

•  industry leading bird deterrent stainless steel spikes to prevent contamination in the sampling funnel
•  simple and safe lowering of the sampling funnel and bottle to eliminate samplers reaching and standing on unstable boxes and ladders
•  reduction of bird spike injury risk to samplers at 2m during bottle changes
•  optimal ergonomics through adjustable height for removal and replacement of sampling bottle
•  telescopically adjustable legs and levelling gauge to allow perfect level positioning on uneven ground on installation and through the life of the gauge
• set pin locator to provide consistent accurate sampling funnel height

Additional benefits of the DepDust Gauge:

•  securing the gauge via leg pegs, star picket or concrete blocks (where ground penetration is not available)
•  adjustable main post length to ensure accurate sampling funnel height setting complying with the 2m +/- 20cm requirement as per the AS3850 standard
• Site identification label permanently marked on a stainless steel plate
• Constructed from corrosion resistant powder coated galvanised iron, stainless steel and UV stable HDPE and PVC plastics to ensure a long working life
•  Stable construction with bolted leg clamps, twin bolts for main post securing, locating pin and finger tightening screw for bottle holder stability
•  Folding legs to allow for easy transport to site
•  Easy single person installation
•  Economical method of ensuring non contaminated samples

The DepDust Gauge provides a safe, effective, portable, robust and compliant method for measuring depositional dust in any environment. It is supplied in sections so can be easily transported and constructed on site with simple hand tools. The level gauge on the main post gives the installer an easy and accurate way to ensure correct installation and provide years of reliable operation.